10 Artists Interpret the Runways In 10 Works of Art, Made Just for Vogue

Wangechi Mutu on Dior, My Belly Flower Sucking Bird

“Fashion or clothing—embellishments, body art, anything we place upon the naked body—is a very special and personalized form of expression and communication, either subliminal or overt…. I think that art and fashion are always dancing around one another, and often stepping on each other’s feet. I create in search of meaning; with fashion, we search for ways to mean something to one another, in how we appear.”

Na Kim on Bode, High Noon

“The line that delineates art from non-art is so interesting to me. So many things make art art, and I think it often boils down to having a point of view, or evoking a specific feeling or mood, which I think fashion often does.”

Hadi Falapishi on Marni, Mousehole #18

“My response for Marni was the idea of the dress being upside down, and it developed into the idea of a figure wearing the dress and looking at a mousehole (the world) in a surprising position, and the world (a cat) looking back at her from the window.”

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