5 Trendy Korean Nail Art Designs To Try

Korean nail art has been taking over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds for all the right reasons. South Korea has been serving up the most mesmerising manicures we’ve ever seen, with a captivating range of nail aesthetics ranging from the shattered-glass nail phenomenon to stone nails, bracelet nails, and aurora nails. Trends never stop changing. So we’ve compiled a list of Korean nail designs that will look stunning on any nail length. Book that nail appointment now and dive right into some nail drama!

Believe It Or Not, These 5 Korean Nail Art Designs Will Be The Next Big Thing

Issa Vibe: Abstract Gradient Nails

Abstract gradient designs are the focus of this pastel-yet-edgy nail art trend. The base design combines retro elements and gradation colours that are complemented by tribal patterns on top. This look was even seen on Giselle’s nails in Aespa’s music video for “Girls.” Without the typical butterfly, smiley face, and cherry designs, the overall look is very Y2K.

Bling-Bling, Baby!

In Korea, there are a few well-known nail artists who have set some of the trends. Customers, on the other hand, choose the trends they like. This trend is all about blinging out nails in the form of stone nails, which do have actual large rhinestones all over them.

To be honest, this is a more intense version of the viral shattered-glass nails, with a more holographic appearance. The eye-catching design is created with chunks of a slightly different cellophane that reflect light like diamond facets.

Into The Future

Nail art is constantly expanding into new aspects, sometimes surpassing the nail itself. We’ll see an increasing number of decorative elements that extend beyond the outline of the nail. This version, dubbed “the futuristic nail,” uses thin metal pieces that extend past the cuticle for a gutsy fenced effect.

Focus On My Cuticles

The emphasis on cuticles has been a trend for a while. Adding tiny metallic tabs on the cuticles, also known as ‘nail shadows,’ embellish cuticles rather than demand for attention with an allover sparkle. This is best suited for short nails. And with almost no drying time, this minimalist approach provides just the right amount of accent.

Wait, What? Tattooed Nails!

Last but not least, tattoo nails are a street trend that is about to take off. Some nails are not painted, but instead have tattoo stickers glued on with fun graphics and illustrations. People have even had their nails tattooed, but we’re going to stick with stickers for the time being.

Are you on board with this new trend?

Featured Image: Instagram

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