Amid Pak economic crisis, ex-PM Nawaz trolled for shopping at luxury fashion store in UK

In the midst of a crippling economic crisis that has grappled Pakistan to its core, country’s former PM Nawaz Sharif was called out for his luxurious indulgence. On Monday, a video of the ex-PM and the brother of the current premier, Nawaz Sharif, was circulated online. In the video, Sharif was seen entering the Louis Vuitton store in the UK. The video did not sit well with the netizens, since Pakistan is facing one of the biggest economic crises.

“#Pakistan’s PM Shehbaz Sharif’s Brother and Former Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif was seen travelling in a luxury Bentley car and shopping at a Louis Vuitton store in #London when his country is begging to the IMF and World for a bailout package (Khairat)”, a Twitter user wrote on Monday.

In the video, Sharif can be seen stepping out of his luxurious car and being surrounded by his staff. After getting down, the sun-glasses-clad Sharif walked inside the LV store to indulge in his luxurious whims. In 2018, the ex- PM was disqualified from holding public office by the Pakistani Supreme Court. He was also sentenced to 10 years in prison. However, the former Pakistani PM went to the United Kingdom for medical treatment and since then he has been living in the UK on an expired bail. 

Pak economy in complete shambles 

The Pakistan economy is in complete shambles as inflation reaches new heights while the reserves witness a nose dive. The political crisis, environmental crisis and the utter negligence of the Pakistan government can be considered as the reason behind such deplorable conditions. In the midst of all the chaos, the Shehbaz Sharif administration is also struggling to negotiate a bailout with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

Last month, the Pakistan PM announced a string of austerity measures. From banning booking 5-star hotels to imposing cost cuts even on Chai and biscuits, the PM cut down the perks of Pakistan’s politicians. “It is the joint responsibility of the government machinery, which includes the political face and bureaucratic face, and all the members of the provincial governments to show a performance that is needed in this extremely difficult time,” Sharif asserted last month. Hence the video of his brother indulging in a lavish lifestyle doesn’t sit well with the people of the poverty-stricken nation.   

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