Ananta Jewelry launches a refined new concept boutique at CentralWorld

Ananta has been a leading name in the jewellery business for more than 14 years, specialising in timeless pieces fit for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Now, under the helm of CEO, Thanunchai “Win” Kanokvaliwongs, the brand is ushering in a new age with the opening of their concept boutique on the first floor of CentralWorld’s Groove zone that provides a retail experience that hopes to make the process of purchasing diamonds even more special.

CEO, Thanunchai “Win” Kanokvaliwongs, is pictured second from the right.

One of the first things one will notice about the upscale concept boutique is its open-flow design. Upon my visit, the team made it clear to me that they wanted to shy away from the traditional, closed-off entry-way one would typically see at a diamond boutique, and instead curate a relaxing yet private atmosphere that is inviting for all types of consumers, whether it be first-time diamond buyers or those looking to invest in opulent sets.

The layout of the store has been designed with purpose, as the team has placed every-day pieces one can browse independently at the front of store, after which you can follow a natural progression to the counters where their team members can walk you through what is available. Hiring only the best, the instore team are very knowledgeable about cuts, clarity, and everything else there is to know about precious gems. Furthermore, all the diamonds instore have been selected by jewellery experts certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Another standout feature about the boutique is that it is the first and only store in Southeast Asia equipped with a 3D Diamond Search system. Here, you can look through global databases to find diamonds that fit your criteria. Once chosen, the machine can produce a detailed hologram of the diamond that allows you to look at it very closely and even see its size comparable to your fingers.

The boutique stocks jewellery for both men and women, and the launch also marks the unveiling of three new collections that cater to all lifestyles and price points, including The Solitaire Collection that focuses on solitaire diamond rings that can be personalised to your hear’ts content; The Classic Collection that highlights a ‘less is more’ approach to jewellery; and The Men’s Collection. Beyond these, there’s plenty to see (and fall in love with) at Ananta.

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