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Indonesia Artist Titi DJ Share Successful Experience Undergo Anti-Aging Surgery at ID Hospital Korea

Titi DJ Shares Successful Experience of Undergoing Anti-aging Surgery at Id Hospital in Korea, Dr. Juyong Kwon Shares Knowledge of Plastic, Aesthetic Surgery

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, February 26, 2023 / / — Doctor Juyong Kwon, MD., Plastic Surgeon from ID Hospital South Korea, Asia’s best network of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Hospitals visits Jakarta Indonesia to hold a Consultation and Talkshow with Titi DJ, an artist and ID Hospital patient. The event, entitled Talkshow with Titi DJ, is held at id beauty clinic Jakarta in Menteng Area on Saturday, 25 February 2023 and will discuss Titi DJ’s success story when going through the Anti-aging Surgery at Id Hospital, South Korea, as well as sharing various knowledge regarding plastic and aesthetics surgery.

South Korean ID Hospital’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Juyong Kwon, MD., stated that,“I am very happy to be present in Jakarta Indonesia and am very enthusiastic to be able to provide consulting services to the community as well as speak at this talk show. ID Hospital’s mission is to provide beauty solutions for those in need and to together find happiness along the way. Our vision is to commit to become Asia’s Leading ‘Total Beauty Solution’ Hospital, providing the best beauty-related solutions, as well as being a ‘Beauty Wonderland’ for anyone who wants to enjoy a beautiful life.”

The Id Hospital beauty clinic carries the concept of One Stop Aesthetic Clinic and has succeeded in becoming the only Aesthetic Surgery Hospital in South Korea taht had received the full support from the Government (South Korean Ministry of Health), with the best team of Dermatologists and Beauty doctors combined.

One of the patients as well as a well-known and ‘can do’ Indonesian artist and musician, Titi DJ, explained that she had just went through the Anti Aging Surgery at ID Hospital Korea. The success of the Anti Aging Surgery procedure has gained recognition from numerous parties regarding the youthfulness of the 56-year old Indonesian Diva and her skin becoming tighter, cleaner, glowing, fresh and healthy. What motivated Titi DJ was the desire to get a fresher, younger look and for personal happiness. Furthermore, through this talk show, she wants to share her successful experience in undergoing the Anti Aging Surgery and, along with Doctor Juyong Kwon, MD., to provide education to people who wish to take similar actions.

Meanwhile, the Head Doctor and initiator of ID Beauty Clinic Jakarta, Dr. Eddy Karta, SpKK, PhD, FINSDV FAADV said that the ID Beauty Clinic Jakarta Indonesia, which began its operation on January 23 2018, provided care or treatment services for skin, face, body and hair beauty using the latest machines and processing techniques in the aesthetic field. All available products, materials and machinery tools are registered to BPOM and are FDA approved, the same technology used in Korea. ID Beauty Clinic Jakarta is the first franchise in Indonesia from ID Hospital South Korea.

Furthermore, Dr. Joyong Kwon, MD., said that the ID Hospital network provides various types of surgeries or cosmetic skin care procedures ranging from Facial Contouring Surgery, Nose Surgery, Orthognathic Surgery, Eye Surgery, Anti-aging, Breast Surgery, Body Surgery, and Dermatology Clinics. The reason behind ID Hospital’s collaboration with the famous Korean plastic surgery program television show Let Me In is because ID Hospital guarantees the best results and the most significant transformations to aid many of its patients.

Apart from treating patients from Korea, ID Hospital also has a wide base of patients from all over the world such as Indonesian, English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Mongolian, Laotian, Russian and others. The main advantages of ID Hospital include standardized institutions from the Ministry of Health, a dedicated medical team, a luxury building with 16 floors, VIP service, Indonesian language translation services, a systematic professional system and an After-Care system (postoperative care services).

Starting with specialists in orthognathic surgery and facial bone formation surgery, ID Plastic Surgery was founded in 1995. ID Hospital began making preparations to receive national certification from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare starting in 2014. Until finally ID Hospital received a national certification from a Korean medical institution. According to the investigation team’s evaluation report, ID Hospital scored very high in every field with its patient safety system, special services, and high-quality medical services.

ID Beauty Clinic Jakarta is located at Jalan Imam Bonjol No. 72 Menteng, Central Jakarta. To find out more about this clinic, please visit the following link:


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