Fashion choices are a personal liberty, but people don’t get it

I have seen online debates about women wearing “revealing” and “sexy” clothes on the street. Some call these women “easy,” “indecent” or “narcissist.” When will they realize the choice of clothing is a personal liberty?

Unless you are a parent raising an underage child, you have no business telling anyone else what to wear or what not to wear if they do not ask you.

If you want to comment on clothes, you can become a stylist; if you want to preach about morals and life lessons, you can become a therapist… It is rude to judge one’s fashion choices, or to tell them to wear this or that, or even warn them not to post their own photos online.

And no matter how revealing one’s clothes are, your eyes are yours to control and so is your gaze. It is also harassment to stare at someone inappropriately. Some may ask why a woman would wear revealing clothes if she does not want to be looked at, and I ask you back: What do you think will happen if you give a man without a shirt on the street weird looks for more than three seconds?

Your inappropriate behavior cannot be excused by what another person is wearing.

And this is not a problem only for women; men have it bad too. If the way you dress deviates too much from the norm, anyone, regardless of gender, can be judged and ridiculed.

And it is time to stop saying that only women play fashion police. At least many women know when not to speak up. But men catcall and proudly and loudly judge others’ appearance in public, as if it is the right thing to do.

There was a video circulating online recently of a woman wearing a backless dress in public; she had been filmed without her permission. Some people said it was the woman’s fault for wearing such revealing clothes. They condemned the way she dressed, calling it weird and going against social norms, and demanding she be “canceled.”

I think it is wrong to think that way. Outdated cultural values have to change over time.

A modern society should follow the law, not “culture” or “tradition.” The law itself is built on a foundation of cultural and moral values, so why should we act differently?

A man’s back and a woman’s back are equal before the law. Respect others’ way of life as long as it is not illegal.

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