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They say the right outfit can make all the difference. That’s especially true around this time of year — because there’s so many events happening for Art Basel and the holidays. Deco’s checking out a spot that’s taking shopping to the next level.

Fashion meets art at the new SETA Gallery inside the Sagamore Hotel in South Beach.

SETA is a Colombian clothing brand founded by sisters Andrea and Eliana Salazar.

The name stands for “sophistication, edgy, timeless attire.”

Andrea Salazar: “Our brand is a trendsetter. We are very inspired by the ’80s and ’90s.”

Eliana Salazar: “We design for a woman that is very confident, a woman that wants to stand out, that wants to be the center of attention.”

This brand is all about inspiring women to dress up and dress differently.

Andrea Salazar: “We work with a lot of sequins, a lot of shiny materials, studs.”

Daniela Uribe: “I love it because it’s so unique. Everything is sparkles. They really have a good attention to detail. The jackets are statement pieces. And when you’re wearing it in the street, you’re always gonna going to get stopped by somebody.”

And, when it comes to shopping, this space is anything but ordinary.

Andrea Salazar: “This is our new concept: a SETA Gallery where you guys can discover our most iconic pieces, where you can see the story of the brand. You are able to shop, you can scan a QR code.”

Scanning an item’s QR code with your phone doesn’t just pull up basic info about it. It also offers some uggestions on how to style it. Talk about convenient!

Eliana Salazar: “It’s a very safe manner to shop right now, and it’s very comfortable because you don’t have to carry your bags.”

Daniela Uribe: “I’m loving it. I think it’s a true concept. It’s new, it’s fresh. Love it, avant garde.”

SETA is sharing the gallery space with swimwear brand Divino Seas.

Cristha Castella: “Right now we have just three looks here because it’s our best-sellers. We design for every type of body. It’s so important that every woman can fit our bikinis.”

Clothes designed by women, for women? Sounds like a fashion statement to me.

Binta: “I feel like anyone who wears the clothes automatically feels beautiful and confident, and there’s no way you can look bad in the clothes. They’re just so beautiful.”

SETA Gallery
The Sagamore South Beach
1671 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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