Korean Beauty hacks have always been hype and it is for all the right reasons and their outstanding results. From Jisoo to Jessica Jung, today we bring amazing beauty hacks of Korean divas. Check below!

To get the moisture look, Jessica Jung relies on her hydrating mist. For starters, she sprays it all around her face, but when she’s traveling in planes or other dry places, she sprays the mist all over the place. Jessica swears by this to keep her skin bright and healthy.

Jisoo once revealed that she masks really frequently to combat her dry skin. Sometimes even 2  to 3 times a day too. Looking at how plump her skin is now, seems like this tip is a good one.

Suzy puts more weight on cleansing than a full-on skincare routine, as she believes cleansing is key to anti-aging. She came up with her cleansing route called 424 which she shared with her fans. 424 refers to 4 minutes of rubbing cleaning oil all over the face, 2 minutes of massaging with cleansing foam, and 4 minutes of rinsing with water. This routine definitely helps remove dirt and makeup, reducing the formation of acne.


South Korean model Irene Kim knows just the hack to help soothe those spots. A hot shower where pores widen with steam is the perfect time to get rid of pimples and calm them. Irene soaks a cotton swab with toner or face mist as a simple hack and places it on the affected area.

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