Games Workshop Rumor Engine: ‘Crystal Jewelry’

We’ve got a new Rumor Engine on our hands and it’s going to be a tough nut to crack.

I really wanted to make a collar of Khorne reference here but, well, it just wasn’t happening. But at least the image is crystal clear…see for yourself as we have a brand new Rumor Engine to chew on.

engine-16th-august-2022/”>via Warhammer Community

“Oh merciful Rumour Engine, hallowed be thy Pad of Keys, sacred be thy User Interface, ineffable be thy Error Message 41 “No Paper In Feed. Please Refill To Continue.” In thy glorious name, we offer you this tribute of anointed parchments in anticipation of your blessing.”

Okay…so we’ve got what looks like a necklace with a crystal on it. This one has us stumped. Who would be wearing a necklace like this? And is this even a necklace? What if it’s just a doodad hanging off someone or something else? There’s really not much to go off of for this one.

Although, it does look like this bit was cut out of a image. Some of the edges are a bit too sharp. So there is a very real possibility that this was snipped out of another image and digitally changed for the Rumor Engine. Games Workshop doesn’t do that very often but they have done it once or twice before.

With that in mind, now the question is “who’s wearing it?” Based on the look of it, I’d probably lean away from most of the 40k factions. Maybe Aeldari? Although their gems tend to be round or ovals.

I’m kind of leaning towards something from the Mortal Realms with this one. I can’t decide on what however. I’m guessing that it’s someone’s talisman or charm. It kind of reminds me of the Knight-Azyros’ Lantern because of the inset carved-out area.

Perhaps this is a charm that a follower of Sigmar would wear? Or maybe a wizard? The wizards of the Colleges of Magic are typically rather eccentric in their appearance.

sigmar.jpg” alt=”” width=”920″ height=”950″/>

But again, we’re just grasping at straws here. This Rumor Engine is a tough one! If you’ve got any ideas drop them in the comments. This necklace of crystal is one we’re going to bookmark in the “stumped” section.


What the heck is this week’s Rumor Engine?!


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