Jisoo’s Skincare Tips Is A Lesson In K-Beauty

K-Pop star Jisoo from BLACKPINK says that she prefers skincare more than makeup. And her skin is proof because it looks so smooth and clear even without makeup. Does this intrigue you to find out more about her skincare routine? 

Apparently, Jisoo invests in keeping her skin hydrated around the clock and I found out exactly how. Read on to know all about her amazing skincare tips. 

Jisoo’s Affair With Hydration

The popstar uses at least 2 sheet masks a day, sometimes even 3. She keeps them on for as long as she can. This allows her skin to absorb all those beneficial skincare essences.

A good hack that I like to use with sheet masks is once I take it off my face after 15 minutes, I apply it on the flipped side to my neck so as to use up any remaining serums from the mask.

The POPxo SunDowner Soothing Chamomile Sheet Mask is one of my favourite hydrating sheet masks.

She Understands Pore Care 

Jisoo has revealed that she has dry skin and hence she truly loves a good moisturising and hydrating product. But the star also indulges in deep cleansing pore care with a minty kaolin clay mask.

I love using a clay mask at least once a week too and I chose the Freeman Anti Stress Clay Mask With Dead Sea Minerals.

Jisoo Got Lip Care On Lock

The BLACKPINK star uses lip masks often in her routine too, but she especially swears by two essential lip products. A lip scrub and some classic Vaseline jelly.

One of Jisoo’s three holy grail products is the Rosebud Salve Lip Balm Tin and I can’t wait to try it out.

Jisoo’s PM Skincare

Before hitting snooze, Jisoo has one last skincare step that makes all the difference. She uses a hydrating jelly sleeping mask at night after applying toner, serum, and essence.

Opting for a sleeping mask instead of a night cream is a game changer. I like using the Quench Birch Please Intense Hydration Water Sleeping Mask.

Now I know what can get me gorgeous skin like a K-Pop star and I can’t wait to try Jisoo’s skincare routine.

Featured Image: Instagram

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