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The eyes are perhaps the most powerful tool for actors to master as they help convey the range of human emotions with little changes in muscle contractions.

And an actor who has mastered the use of her eyes is Shin Se-kyung, a celebrated South Korean actress who has starred in many shows ranging from High Kick Through the Roof (2009) to Run On (2020-2021).

Here, we learn how Shin Se-kyung uses various eye makeup techniques to make her eyes even more expressive and evocative.

Begin with brows


Shin Se-kyung is rather blessed in the brow department, so she doesn’t need much product to make it look polished. What she does instead, is to play with the intensity of her brows.

For red carpet events and photoshoots, the actress would opt for a bolder, darker brow while preferring a softer, less filled-in look on any other occasion.

Use: Beauty Kim Browly Eyebrow Powder, $20.50, Kimchi Chic 


Available in four shade pairs, this brow product contains two eyebrow powders and wax.

Use the lighter shade to etch the shape and fill the front of the brows, then go in with the deeper shade for the tail. Finally, use the brow wax to set the hairs in place.


Do a soft Korean smoky eye


Unlike the Western-style smoky eye that covers much of the eyelids, the softer Korean look focuses the shadow around the eye itself.

Start by smoking your lash line with a deeper shape and extending it outwards to create a cat-eye effect if you wish. Then, use a light-to-medium shade to create a soft fade between the deep shade you laid down and your skin colour.

Of course, finish with a dose of glitter and shimmer like Shin Se-kyung.

Use: My Fave Eye Shadow Palette in 02 Melba, $19.59 


This four-pan palette takes the guesswork out of using what shadows where. You have the option of using the beige or slight peachy shade as the transition shade before topping it with the pink champagne glitter.


Choose your liner


Similar to her brows, Shin Se-kyung has two ways she lines her eyes. Her go-to look is a thin line that is barely there, just enough to frame the shape of her eyes.

The second, which you see here, is a more dramatic look for when the situation arises. A dramatic eyeliner would look more sultry but the former would give off a more innocent, wide-eyed appearance.

Use: Precise Slim Eyeliner in So Black, $10.90 


This eyeliner is built with an ultra slim tip of 0.05mm to create anything from a thin line to an impressive wing. The formula is long-wearing, water- and sweat-resistant and smudge-free.


Opt for long, fluttery lashes


The results of mascaras fall into either of these two camps: long and flirty or full and thick. For Shin Se-kyung, she prefers the former as it doesn’t drown out the eyes while making them appear bigger, brighter and more awake.

Use: They’re Real! Magnet Powerful Lifting & Lengthening Mascara, $47 


The Benefit mascara brush has a magnetically charged core that works synergistically with the magnetic mineral-infused formula to ensure that each lash strand is lengthened, defined fanned out.


This shin-se-kyung/”>article was first published in Her World Online.

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