Major fashion brand to close another store forever this weekend after shuttering seven locations this year

A MAJOR fashion brand is to close another store forever this weekend.

New Look is closing its Cheltenham store for the final time on Sunday (March 4).

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New Look has already closed seven shops this yearCredit:

New Look needs to vacate the site as it is being refurbished for an alternative use.

It comes after the fashion retailer closed several shops in January and February.

New Look closed its Birmingham store in the Forst Shopping Park on January 9.

Its Towbridge shop then closed on January 23 followed by a store in Coventry on January 29 and its Birmingham Bullring store on January 30.

In February New Look shut a further three stores.

The Walthamstow shop closed on February 4 followed by its store in the Grosvenor Centre in Northampton on February 15.

New Look in Kirkcaldy also closed for the final time at the end of February.

But New Look opened two new shops at the end of 2022.

It also has plans to open four more stores later on in the year – though it hasn’t said how many and where in the UK they’ll be.

Retailers have also been feeling the pinch since the pandemic.

High energy costs and a shift to shopping online after the pandemic is taking a toll on fashion brands.

Plus, household incomes have been squeezed by the cost of leaving crisis, meaning fewer people are looking to spend.

Shoppers are already seeing big changes on the high street as big-name brands look to close stores.

Nearly 15,000 jobs have been axed since the start of the year as dozens of retailers collapsed or were restructured.

House of Fraser recently closed more department stores as it battles to keep a presence in the retail sector.

H&M has also started closing branches across the UK.

Marks and Spencer previously confirmed the closure of more than half a dozen stores across the country.

The high street has also seen big name brands including M&Co and Paperchase collapse into administration.

M&Co’s 170 shops will close forever, putting 1,910 jobs at risk.

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While the administrators of Paperchase recently confirmed that its 106 stores will shut forever after they failed to find a buyer.

We’ve listed all of the shops and chains closing stores shutting down this year.

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