Mastering the Art of Hair Care: KONO and Stylist Mark Hampton Collaborate for Excellence

New York, NY, Aug. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On July 29th, the upscale haircare brand, KONO, announced its pivotal collaboration with the globally-acclaimed stylist, Mark Hampton, welcoming him aboard as KONO’s “Global Fashion Stylist.. Upholding its philosophy of “luxurious haircare, enriches lifestyle,” KONO consistently adheres to stringent salon-quality standards in product development, striving to offer consumers a lavish haircare experience. With the enlistment of Mark Hampton, a leading figure in the fashion and styling world, KONO not only strengthens its brand identity but further fuses fashion-forward aesthetics into its offerings.


Over the years, Hampton’s artistry has graced the pinnacles of the fashion world, sculpting iconic looks for an array of celebrities. His impeccable taste, trend-spotting prowess, and masterful styling have made him a household name. Given the harmony between Hampton’s celebrated stature and KONO’s luxurious ethos, this partnership was more than just strategic—it felt right.

Established in 2018, KONO made a dramatic entry into the haircare market with an impressive product portfolio. Within a mere year of its inaugural product launch, the brand achieved stellar success, rapidly emerging as a dark horse in the competitive salon-quality haircare landscape. From its inception, KONO positioned itself as a premium salon-grade haircare brand, championing the mission to “provide everyone with an authentic salon-quality haircare experience.” In the face of fierce market competition, while product excellence remains paramount, brand strategy and partnerships, such as the recent alignment with Mark Hampton, are integral to the brand’s overarching vision.

It’s well understood that behind a stellar product lies not only the application of cutting-edge technology but also the embodiment of a brand’s lifestyle philosophy. With rising living standards, haircare and hair quality have become crucial components of urban women’s aesthetic aspirations. Consumers increasingly crave high-end salon experiences and brands that resonate with contemporary style.

A luminary in salon styling, Mark Hampton has always maintained a profound engagement with salon-quality haircare products. His discerning judgment extends beyond assessing model’s makeup; he constantly evaluates and appraises top-tier products in the haircare realm. Given the alignment between KONO’s commitment to luxury haircare and Mark’s aesthetic preferences, there’s a mutual understanding of the essential role hair quality and style play in salon artistry. This mutual recognition underpins the importance of in-depth collaboration to achieve aesthetic advancements in salon haircare.

Thus, the alliance between KONO and Mark Hampton seems serendipitous yet inevitable. It’s the duo’s shared passion and vision for salon aesthetics and artistic styling that catalyzed this commendable partnership.

Historically, salon styling has predominantly remained within the exclusive realm of celebrities and models, with the interpretation of haircare aesthetics primarily in the hands of professional stylists. KONO, championing luxury haircare, seeks to democratize this exclusive salon-quality experience, aiming to “elevate experiences while making products accessible,” allowing a broader audience to indulge in their personal salon moments.

KONO’s monumental market success is a testament to its diligent efforts and innovation. From its inception, the brand has been dedicated to developing effective haircare products, harnessing global resources and advanced technologies, establishing efficient supply chains, and consistently launching distinguished products that cater to core user needs. This unwavering dedication has solidified KONO’s foothold amidst a sea of formidable competitors.

From an operational perspective, KONO’s partnership with world-renowned stylist Mark Hampton is not just a spotlight magnet but a valuable intangible asset for the brand. Following its rapid growth, KONO seeks to emphasize brand-building, elevating its brand image and pooling celebrity and influencer resources, facilitating brand recognition and continual expansion into upscale markets.

This collaboration between KONO and Mark is a testament to KONO’s dedication to crafting luxurious haircare products. An endorsement from a top-tier stylist like Mark instills in consumers a perception of KONO as professional, trendy, and premium. It paves the way for KONO’s ongoing commitment to the luxury salon-grade haircare sector, promising to deliver unparalleled salon experiences for a wider consumer base in the future.

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