Saving lives through blood donation is always in fashion

Ms Kee first witnessed the power of blood donation during the 1977 Granville train disaster when thousands of Australians donated blood to save the lives of those who had been injured.

Inspired by International Women’s Day, Ms Kee has created a limited-edition bandage, which will be wrapped around the arms of donors who roll up their sleeves to donate throughout March.

The bold bandage, which is emblazoned with some of Ms Kee’s signature motifs, including doves, hearts and waratahs, pays tribute to the generous and giving women of Australia who change lives.

Spokesperson Shae Burns said Lifeblood was thrilled to work with Ms Kee to acknowledge Australia’s generous donors, including the dozens of donors who come in to the Shepparton Donor Centre each week, and raise awareness of their life-saving contributions.

“This stunning bandage is a reminder that by giving up your time to donate blood you can save up to three lives,” Ms Burns said.

“One donation is needed every 18 seconds in Australia and a new blood donor is needed every four minutes. Just over half of Australian donors are female (51 per cent), while 55 per cent of new donors in Australia are women. But we always need more.

“More donors are needed this Labour Day long weekend, as we still have 30 appointments available at the Shepparton Donor Centre.”

The bandage designed by Ms Kee is part of Lifeblood’s 2023 True Colours campaign. The campaign sees Lifeblood partner with Australian artists and designers to create limited-edition bandages to help boost blood donations while ensuring donors look and feel great while donating.

The Jenny Kee bandages are available at Lifeblood donor centres nationwide while stocks last.

To book a donation, call 13 14 95, visit, or download the free Donate Blood app.

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