Seattle jewelry designer uses crystals to create ‘Soul Chains’

At Ola Wyola in Seattle, Rainbow-Renée Wyola Manier adorns vintage necklaces with unique crystals. #k5evening

SEATTLE — A lot of people collect crystals for spiritual purposes or just because of their natural beauty.  

But one Reiki master and Jewelry Designer is creating something unique with the precious stones. She calls them “Soul Chains.” 

Rainbow-Renée Wyola Manier searches the country for vintage necklaces and the ones that make it back to Seattle are then paired with a natural crystal. 

But before they are paired with a necklace, Manier puts them through a spiritual ritual.  

She puts the crystals through a sound and water bath, smokes them with sage, and uses her Reiki experience too.

“Then they go through the mantras,” Manier explained. “I am light. I am beautiful. I am love.” 

She sells the soul chains at her crystal shop on Rainier Avenue in Seattle. It’s called Ola Wyola.

“I search high and low all over the world and find certain chains that go with certain crystals. It takes me a moment to figure it out and then we create the soul chains.”

With so many beautiful options, selecting a soul chain is not only about their appearance, but what speaks to you. 

Manier admits her process might seem unconventional to some.

“The wellness industry is a 6-billion-dollar business!” Manier exclaimed. “So, what used to be woo woo is now woohoo, right?”

The Soul Chains come in three sizes at different price points and the Ola Wyola shop is filled with other items means to captivate the senses. 

But ultimately, she hopes her custom necklaces and the spirit behind them speak to your soul.

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