Sun & Ski Sports Shares Region- and Season-Specific Video Content to Stores via Cloud Solution

In its 32 locations across 12 states, outdoor specialty retailer Sun & Ski Sports can easily share customer-facing content that’s specific to the season and its stores’ individual regions, via a partnership with Carousel Digital Signage. The retailer tested the Carousel Cloud technology in fall 2021 at locations in Texas and Maryland, using video footage of sports enthusiasts skiing, snowboarding, hiking, engaging in watersports, biking and running. Approximately 95% of Sun & Ski Sports’ content runs on consumer-facing displays.

“A store in Houston doesn’t need to receive content about local ski or bike rentals, but our resort store locations like in Colorado and Mammoth Lakes, Calif. do,” said Robert Budnik Jr., Director of Brand Marketing at Sun & Ski Sports in a statement. “I wanted a solution that would allow us to publish customized content relevant to each specific local market easily.”

The retailer’s marketing campaigns are refreshed every four to six weeks, with two employees managing video content development, scheduling and distribution. Prior to adopting the Carousel Cloud solution, Sun & Ski Sports had to mail USB drives loaded with footage to each store when a new campaign was released.

“The amount of work involved in purchasing the thumb drives, loading them with video content, and then sending them off and following up with each store to ensure fresh content was uploaded before each season became a logistical nightmare,” said Budnik.

The new cloud-based approach will make it easier for Sun & Ski Sports to easily update content if necessary and also engage shoppers through messaging that is relevant to their sporting goods needs.

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