Up-and-coming teen designer has a passion for fashion

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Seventeen-year-old Alan Herrera was inspired to become a fashion designer by his art teacher and is making his dreams come true.

Herrera told KTSM he considers himself a creative designer.

He said he may not start from scratch although he comes up with the ideas.

“We create ideas, we curate the ideas and we make it happen,” Herrera said.

Herrera said he has goals and one of them is to inspire other people and help them with the skills and tools that he already battled through.

“We’ve been working to definitely change that path for others to definitely continue,” Herrera said.

He would also like to start a creative marketing firm for El Paso and all the “young creatives.”

Herrera and his team have a motto of “Creating beauty out of somethin that’s impossible.”

Herrera and the team are gearing up to open their boutique.

“We just got our shipments and we’re under production for the boutique seller, to give them the best product. Have everything custom made, custom price tags, custom wash labels and everything. So that’s what we’re working on, really upping the quality in our clothes and being able to have it out in the stores,” Herrera said.

KTSM asked Herrera what advice he would like to share to those who want to follow in footsteps.

“You just got to take the first step regardless of where you are and just be able to work. And it can definitely come true,” Herrera said.

You can find Herrera’s creations on Instagram @darkcastle__studio

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