Young Artist, Fashion Designer Dish On Upcoming Show And ‘Barbie’

BREWSTER, NY — The “Barbie” movie from writer/director Greta Gerwig has people talking among many other things about fashion and art, the collision of fantasy and reality, perception and self-expression.

Those are much on the minds of two friends whose work is the focus of a joint exhibit in August at the Studio Around The Corner.

Jean Basiletti is a local artist/illustrator and Sophie Scott is a fashion designer from Denver. They studied at Savannah College of Art and Design through the pandemic and are doing their first collaborative show.

The works they’re showing explore beauty and the macabre and invite the viewer to question what is real and what is wierd.

“One way fashion can be viewed is a way to make yourself feel powerful in places and situations where maybe you are powerless,” Scott told Patch. “My favorite quote from the movie was something like ‘We make up concepts like patriarchy and Barbie to deal with how uncomfortable life is, and then we die.’ That’s the whole idea of fashion, to deal with discomfort. Whether it’s social discomfort, or physical discomfort … that’s why clothing is made.”

Scott’s goals as a designer are to focus on sustainability while creating clothes that are made for people who want to stand out.

“I think this movie challenges the idea of gender roles in our society in an extremely direct way … and for a lot of people my age makes us question ourselves and what we do for the male gaze,” Basiletti said.

Basiletti sees her work as looking through “a lens of impossible science” — elements that could be impossible together but whose juxtaposition makes sense to her.

She sees nature as both beautiful and cruel, expected but also bizarre. “I think there is more beauty there than we all realize.”

The exhibition features a collection of Basiletti’s works with her signature style, telling a story of her interaction with reality and the knowledge she gained with her own eyes.

“The hot topic of Barbie as a movie relates to my womanhood more than my art at the moment. And I suppose the art I create and my womanhood feed each other because it is all my identity,” Basiletti told Patch.

It also features some of Scott’s recent projects thinking “out of the box” using vintage upholstery fabric, linen top sheet, and decommissioned tent material.

Guests are invited to interact with the artwork.

The opening reception will include refreshments and wine, as well as musical mixes by Daniel Basiletti. Admission is free.

  • When: Opening reception 3-6 p.m. Aug. 5. The gallery is open 12-2 p.m. every Saturday throughout August
  • Where: Studio Around The Corner, 67 Main St, Suite 101, Brewster, NY
  • Cost: free

To RSVP, go online, call (845) 363 – 8330, or email [email protected]

For more information on this and other Cultural Arts Coalition events, visit the website, call (845) 363 – 8330, email or find “Cultural Arts Coalition” on Facebook.

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